Wooden rings: the unique and eco-friendly trend you’ll want to wear

Wooden rings

Unlike other types of metal or stone, wood is an organic material and is a strong symbol of life, growth and also, strength.

Any piece of wood used in the construction of the ring went through a life cycle: growing strong from a seed to a tree. And this metamorphosis really relates to people in a very special way in what can become beautiful wooden rings.

The truth is that this growth of a tree and the strength it needs to survive is a very powerful metaphor to describe relationships and why wearing a ring is a perfect gift.

And yes, couples must be strong to stand the test of time, and together, two people who love and respect each other can grow more than they could if they were alone. That’s why a wooden ring for a wedding, for example, can be the perfect complement, and you can find it at https://nacva.es.

In fact, to top it off, for every order on this site, a tree will be planted. So buying wooden rings is a great gift to yourself and the Earth. Not only does it help offset your carbon footprint, but it also supports reforestation.

But which wood is best for rings?

Hardwoods are typically the wood of choice for use in jewelry, and rings benefit the most from the material. Some examples of hardwoods include maple, birch, oak, ash, walnut, elm, poplar, walnut, maple, among others.

Wood inlays are slightly different. While hardwood is still a good choice, softer woods can be used as inlays.

That’s because the surrounding materials and finish protect the wood. With inlays, it’s more about the look, so designers choose materials that match the style and color scheme.

In fact, each of these woods has beautiful grain patterns, and even unique special meanings, which can help couples choose the perfect wood for their rings.

Endangered woods that deserve a note of caution for couples looking for eco-friendly wood rings include: brazilwood, Spanish cedar, Madagascar ebony, mahogany, rosewood and sandalwood. If you find a ring made from any of these woods, make sure the wood was harvested by sustainable means.

Many rings made from wood are also referred to as «bentwood» rings, but this is actually a process used to bend and form wood rather than a type of wood.

The advantages of wooden rings

In addition to the eco-friendly features and how beautiful they are, wood rings can be formed in a variety of styles using a range of colorful hardwoods. They can include plain wood bands, braided patterns and colorful inlay designs. 

A wooden ring is also hypoallergenic in most cases, depending on the type of finish used on the rings. And, in addition, they are an excellent choice for people who suffer from metal allergies. And, above all, no two are exactly alike.

Wooden rings can be made in combination sets, and custom features may have been added to the rings, such as a wood engraving on the inside or outside of the bands. Engraving is ideal if you want to give a wooden ring as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Wooden wedding bands, for example, are also pretty low on the scale when it comes to electrical and thermal conductivity properties. So, for those who work with electricity and are concerned about the dangers of a metal ring, a wooden ring is an excellent choice.

A wooden ring is a fashion accessory that suits any outfit and personality. Timeless designs are sleek and varied, minimalist or detailed. Designed for the rugged adventurer and style conscious fashionista.

Last but not least, wooden rings are a fabulous choice for couples looking for inexpensive rings designed with high quality workmanship.