When and how to paint your boat?

Marinemax Boats - Paint a boat

This post is addressed to nautical lovers, now that the good weather should start: when and why should you paint your boat?

Or more importantly, do you know how to do it? It is important to review the paint of our boats and make a proper maintenance from time to time to prevent consequences and give greater longevity to our boat.

With the arrival of the good weather you have a pleasure boat, a motorboat, like a larger boat, it is a good time to do it and thus have the Marinemax boats ready for the summer, especially in this area of the peninsula.

It is very important, never leave a lot of time without cleaning and painting the boat and do it with appropriate products. We are going to give you some advice to extend the life of your boat.

The natural wear and tear produced by the water, air and sun erodes the boats and can shorten their life. It does not matter what material the boat is made of, all boats have their specific maintenance and product.

To protect it, for decoration, for image, for security, to make its maintenance and cleaning more comfortable.

  • Steel and aluminum against corrosion
  • Gelcoat against osmosis
  • Wood against rot and drying out
  • Underwater areas against inclement weather
  • Anti-abrasion coatings

Once the surface is protected, you can use the paint to enhance the look of the boat.

Tip: Do not paint outside, either too early or too late, as this is when there is the greatest risk of condensation or dew on Marinemax boats.

The first and most important thing is to make sure we go with the right equipment including boots, clothes, helmet, goggles, gloves, masks… To avoid all kinds of splashes, dust, steam, cuts, holes, chemicals, solvents, grease, etc.

We know that if a cover is not too deteriorated, a bleaching will be enough. If we want to polish it, the subsequent application of a polish (Hempel’s Custom Marine polish and Hempel’s wash) or a nano-protective product will be enough to obtain an acceptable shine and keep the pore closed to extend its conservation.

To remove old paint and antifouling we recommend using a very effective solvent based Hempel paint remover that can be used on most painted or varnished surfaces even on fiberglass polyester with care. 

As always, it is advisable to try a thick layer of Hempel’s Paint Stripper with a brush on a small area of the boat, let it act for a few minutes and then clean the surface with hot water and soap.

In poor conditions and after the obvious tests, it is advisable to paint. After cleaning the area to be painted, the rest of the boat will be papered and two coats of paint will be given, we recommend doing it by spraying for convenience.

We hope that these tips will be useful to keep Marinemax boats in their best condition. Remember that if you have any doubts, you can ask a professional to paint it.